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Nicole Piar: Artist & Illustrator

Welcome to the magical world of Nicole Piar, illustrator, artist, author and creator of the Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck. Peruse watercolor paintings, ink drawings and digital paintings of magical worlds, creatures, and stories. Commission a portrait of your cat, illustrations for your book or website, or a Soul Print which is an intuitive painting of the inner you. Take a creative, healing art e-course or a join in Vision Seeker, the free tarot and oracle card course. Don't forget to order your Spirit Cards Deck as well to spark your intuition and get clarity.

Be the first to know when the Cosmic Allies Altar Cards launches February 2020 and get in on the limited-edition, early-bird specials.


Sign up for my MOON LETTERS and enter my inner circle.

Receive behind-the-scenes glimpses, not-to-be-missed events, heart-felt musings and...

...the key to my treasury where you will find guided meditations, kittyscopes, printables, digital wallpapers and other free magic. Get a sneak peek of the treasury here.

A 13-DAY QUEST ~ self-guided

  • LEARN to use your Tarot and/or Oracle Cards to know yourself
  • Make decisions with confidence and clarity.
  • Walk your path with a purposeful heart and far-seeing eyes.

This free email-based course will be a resource you can use again and again whenever you are lingering at a crossroads or just feeling stagnant or unclear.

Includes: 3 guided meditations (audio), card spreads, teachings, journaling prompts, creative exercises, digital wallpaper for your phone and computer and the Vision Seeker community.




This 48-card INSPIRATION deck features magical kitties sharing their healing messages.

These fluffy philosophers can spark unique insights, help you hear the true callings of your heart and brighten your day.

Spirit Cats Gift Set

I love getting magical packages in the mail filled with a treasure trove of goodies. With this in mind, I created this set as the perfect way to gift a Spirit Cats Deck to someone special.


  • Spirit Cats Deck - 48-card oracle deck
  • Silver Velvet Pouch for the Deck
  • Gift Tag with a personalized hand-written message
  • Spirit Cats 3 Postcard Prints 4"x6"
  • Magical Key
  • Spirit Cats Wooden Coin
  • Polished Amethyst Crystal