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In my Moon Letters, I also keep you updated on Timed Art Print Releases, Sales, Workshops, Events, New Products, and Courses while sharing my creative journey.  

As a thank you gift, you will get downloads of all the goodies below and more to come.

Magical Treasury of Free Delights

Kittyscopes for this Moon Cycle ~ Nov. 7 through Dec 5, 2018

For each astrological sun sign or zodiac sign, I asked: “What energy will catapult your intentions into reality during this moon cycle?” I pulled a card from my Spirit Cats Oracle Deck and channelled a message to help you access your power and manifest your dreams.

desktop/phone wallpapers & printables

Desktop and Phone Wallpaper: Stargazer "VISION" from the Spirit Cats Deck


Phone Wallpaper: "Mercury" from my Cosmic Allies series. Transform your cell phone in to a magical talisman for Mercury energy which embodies intelligence, exchange, quickness, money, and crystal clear communication.


Desktop Wallpaper & 8"x10" Printable: Dawn Secrets


Energies of the Days of the Week 8.5x11" printable

Learn how to synchronize with the astrological energies of each day of week to add flow and magic to your day-to-day life. Provides optimal activities for each day and plant, mineral and food allies to celebrate the spirit of each day. 


Inner Critic Antidote (9:20 minutes)

Gratitude & Presence (8:36 minutes)

Visioning: Receive Visions for your Art-Making (7:15 minutes)

Ready, Set, Begin: A Meditation to Start Your Day (4:49 minutes)