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Creative, fun, healing e-courses and workshops in art, tarot, and self-development taught by Nicole Piar. Vision Seeker. Journey Within: a year of Art journaling. Art healing. Oracle Cards. 

A 13-DAY GUIDED QUEST ~ Begins nov. 6

  • LEARN to use your Tarot and/or Oracle Cards to know yourself
  • Make decisions with confidence and clarity.
  • Walk your path with a purposeful heart and far-seeing eyes.

This free email-based course will be a resource you can use again and again whenever you are lingering at a crossroads or just feeling stagnant or unclear.

Includes: 3 guided meditations (audio), card spreads, teachings, journaling prompts, creative exercises, digital wallpaper for your phone and computer and the Vision Seeker community.

Pen pull paint: Art Journaling with Tarot and Oracle Cards

  • Begins February 27
  • Learn to creative ways to use cards to elevate and deepen your journaling, art, and spiritual practices.

30 Days of Intuition, Imagination and Imagery with 12 teachers, including me, hosted by reknowned artist, Kiala Givehand. My lesson is sigils and art magic so expect an alchemical deep dive into creating a bridge between our burning desires and our day-to-day reality.


Crowdfunding Essentials is your one-stop-shop for crafting a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Learn all my secrets for how I raised $29,000 in 30 days for my Spirit Cats Deck on Kickstarter. Save yourself the time and energy of countless hours of research that I did for you. 

This course is a collaboration between myself and the renowned creative business coach, Jennifer Lee. 

Make your dream project/product a reality.

MY 4 Lessons Include: intuitive self-portrait, playful fairies, archive of sacred objects, & Letter to your past Self

  • Awaken your CREATIVITY.
  • Connect with other makers and dreamers.
  • Discover yourself.

The Journey Within is a year-long bookmaking, art journaling, and self-discovery adventure hosted by mixed media book artist, Kiala Givehand, and featuring monthly tutorials from 6 Core Artists, including me, and 18 Guest Teaching Artists.

$120 for the year / $40 for 3 months