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vision seeker


Vision Seeker has helped me so much in discovering who I am. It has been such a revealing experience and shed some light on the things I needed to know so that I could grow.
— Victoria Patton
  • LEARN to use your Tarot and/or Oracle Cards to know yourself
  • Make decisions with confidence and clarity.
  • Walk your path with a purposeful heart and far-seeing eyes.

This free email-based course will be a resource you can use again and again whenever you are lingering at a crossroads or just feeling stagnant or unclear.

Includes: 3 guided meditations (audio), card spreads, teachings, journaling prompts, creative exercises, digital wallpaper for your phone and computer and the Vision Seeker community.


 My Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck is perfect for this course. It is easy to use and sparkling with magic:

This course was so much more than I anticipated! I came out of the experience not only feeling more comfortable reading oracle and tarot cards, but also learning so much more about myself, what I really want in terms of life direction, and what/who really helps and guides me. It’s a workhorse of a course and I would absolutely go through it all again at a later date.
— Rosa Swords
It really helped me to have a series of spreads to deepen my understanding and clearly see what actions to take. Asking questions I wouldn’t normally ask has helped me tap into a fountain of inner knowledge. I do feel that I am on the cusp of reframing a big issue in my life thanks to this course.
— Helen Jones

Meet your Guide: Nicole Piar

Nicole Piar is the creator of the much-loved Spirit Cats Oracle Deck. While working as a professional artist, she has practiced meditation, intuitive channeling, and collaborating with nature spirits for magical manifesting for 18 years. She has honed her skills in navigating the inner realm and bringing back the jewels of insight to put into day-to-day practice. Now, she wishes to share these tools with you, so that you may truly become a Vision Seeker.

Vision Seeker helped me to get in touch with my inner self, to see the good side of almost every aspect of my life. Thanks to this course, I found more balance in my life. Thank you from the deepest space of my heart for sharing this exciting and powerful journey with us.
— Corly Daewyn
Vision Seeker helped me to deepen the connection with my cards and make working with them a daily practice that I will carry with me. I enjoyed the creativity and insight from all the spreads Nicole provided. The guidance in each e-mail and the meditations were really beneficial too. There was definitely magic happening every day throughout the course.
— Jamie Burch

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