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spirit cats

Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck is a 48-card oracle deck featuring magical cats and their healing messages. Sprak your intuition. Buy a deck here. 

Once upon a time...

I created this deck of 48 inspirational cards to bring you peace, connection, and clarity. Each card consists of a hand-painted Spirit Cat printed on one side and a unique healing message on the other. These Spirit Cats come straight from my heart and imagination.

Let them into your heart and they will bring you playful and sweet inspiration each day.

"When I’m hit with a bout of anxiety, feeling stressed, fatigued, or need comfort, going through these cards will lift my spirit up immediately. There is a soft, playful, and gentle energy about the Spirit Cats oracle deck that will absolutely elevate your mood and put a smile on your face." ~ Benebell Wen, Professional Tarot Reader, San Fransisco


  • Cat-Lovers
  • Art-Lovers
  • Tarot Readers
  • People who Love Creative Play
  • People Seeking Healing
  • Modern Mystics and Witches
  • You do not need to believe in magic or have previous experience with Tarot or Oracle Cards to benefit from the Spirit Cats Deck.


  • See a situation or yourself in a new light
  • Find healing during emotionally challenging times
  • Get clarity and make confident decisions
  • Connect with your dreams and desires
  • Be more playful and creative
  • Create a simple and peaceful daily ritual


  1. Close your eyes. Breathe. Be still.
  2. Ask a question like: What energy will support me today? What energy will help me start writing my novel or living my dream? What energy will bring healing to my relationship? What will help me feel happier right now? What is the message for today? What will help me get through this challenging time? Or anything you can dream up.
  3. Pick a card. Reflect on the picture and read the inspirational message. What insights does this spark for you? What actions can you take to embody this wisdom in your day, your week, your life?
    4.Keep the card with you for the day, put it where you will see it often, or simply put it back in the deck and carry it in your thoughts. There is no wrong way to do this.
"My Spirit Cat deck arrived yesterday and I was astounded at how beautiful it really is. 
   Seeing it in person, from the box design to the cards and the messages, it is just fantastic with such lovely energies imbued in it.
   I am a cat lover and tarot/oracle reader and this is just such a magical item to add to my collection, I almost cried when I looked through it! " ~ Mhairi Fraser, United Kingdom
"During the time I had my kitty (over 20 years), I knew that he had a unique magical energy. The illustrations and words of wisdom in the Spirit Cat Deck capture this. Every cat-lover should have this deck for its beautiful images, its purely magical energy and its surprisingly accurate readings!" ~Janet Pacik, New Hampshire
"As soon as I saw Nicole's Spirit Cat paintings, I wanted to have every one of them. Now, I can! This deck gives me a chance to let all of these healing kitties into my life! The thick cards also have a lovely feel with a silky-soft matte finish. This is my favorite deck for a daily draw" ~Ekaterina Rudneva, Los Angeles

Spirit Cats in the Press

Interview with me on The School of Gyspy Arts blog:
We discuss the overall energy of my deck, which Spirit Cats represent me, art-making mediums and process and future projects. 

Interview with me by Worthy Tarot: I share how where I am from affects my creations, my inspirations, and what specific energies are channeled in my deck. 

Deck Review on Benebell Wen's esteemed tarot blog:Spirit Cats is fun, inspirational, but also substantive, and when I sat down and read the cards one after the other, I also realized there’s a lot of wisdom to be reaped from these cards."

Video Interview with me on Jennifer Lee's blog: We chat about all the things I did before I launched the deck, why I choose Kickstarter, what my intentions are for the Spirit Cats and more.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 9.51.57 PM.png

Interview with me and a deck review by Jess Carlson: I share about intuition, why cats, and my spiritual path.

Interview with me on Jessica Swifts's blog: We chat about favorite art supplies, my winding artistic journey, where the Spirit Cats came from and visions for the future.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.03.23 PM.png

Video Interview with me on Kiala Givehand's "How 2 Art Journal" YouTube channel: We chat about the creation of the Spirit Cats and the deck as well as living a creative life, quieting the inner critic, and the importance of seeing art as an adventure. 

Guest Blog post written by me on Little Red Tarot blog: This is where the entire magical story unfolds of how these Spirit Cats came into my life and now into yours.

Audio Interview with me on the "Creative Living With Jamie" Podcast: We talk about Spirit Cats and the magic of creativity as well as the struggles to bring an idea to life. 


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