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kitty commision

Nicole Piar paints magical portraits of your cat. Pet portraits. Cat commissions. Capture the spirit of your beloved cat in a painting.



This custom painting of your cat will make your heart purr. Our feline friends give us so much love and affection. They SOOTHE our nerves, make us LAUGH, and HEAL our souls.

This painting will be an ODE OF APPRECIATION that immortalizes the spirit of your beloved companion for years to come.

A PURR-FECT GIFT for a cat lover.



8″x8″ Watercolor Painting of your Cat
on Arches 140lb Archival Watercolor Paper
image size is 8″x8″ with an extra 1/4” white border for easy framing




  • A good, in-focus photograph of your cat (more photos is always fun)
  • A short description of your kitty’s personality and vibe
  • Your kitty’s name
  • If you have a preference for where the painting should fall on the magical to realistic spectrum. 1 being magical and 10 being realistic. Keep in mind all paintings will be done in my whimsical style and while they might look like your cat, they will not be photo-realistic. If you have no preference, I will follow my intuition. If you want certain features such as coloring or markings to be true to life, let me know.


Your painting will be shipped within one month of receiving the photos and information from you. If you need it sooner for birthday or holiday gift, please contact me and I will see if I can fit you in.


"I just wanted to thank you for the perfect paintings of Merlin and Gracie Belle! We are thrilled and delighted! ️Merlin’s golden warmth does come through and the expression is very much him and the sun is so fitting! I love his mane too! Gracie Belle looks like a magical princess (which she is) and the crown & jewelry is lovely. Her tiny mouth & floofy tail & expression are wonderful and feel totally like her too! The eyes are amazing on both!

We love love love the paintings and it will make us happy every day to look at them." ~ Sigira Savitski


“My husband commissioned a painting with Nicole of our beloved kitty, Blaze, as a gift to our family. He sent Nicole a few photos and let her know how special Blaze was to our daughters and us, even though he passed away after only a few years. Nicole captured Blaze’s image and spirit so beautifully that when we unwrapped the painting, we all began to cry! We are so grateful to Nicole for our beautiful painting.” ~Siobhan Stofka, Los Angeles, CA


“I absolutely love the portrait you did of Zeus! It captured just perfectly his mixture of feminine sweetness and steady male energy that I have come to cherish over the 19 years he's been with us! And you crowned him with a heart which is what we will always remember him by -- the expression of pure Love. Thanks so much!”
~ Virginia Simpson Magruder


I had Nicole paint my Daughter's cat Obie for her 12th birthday gift and it is pure MAGIC! The detail is incredible. She captured Obie's healing spirit so beautifully and it is a piece of art my Daughter will cherish forever. When she opened it, she said it was her happiest day ever! ~ Tarah Virgil, Seattle, WA

From her daughter, Kaiya: This painting is so special to me because it is of my best friend, Obie... The painting brings out her true colors and her true feelings... The painting looks so much like Obie and brings out her golden details and makes her look as magical as she really is.


"Oh Nicole -- it's Angelina! My beautiful girl!
Thank you so so much - you truly captured her Spirit in your commission. It's brought tears to my eyes..."

~Virginia Magruder