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Soul Print

Portrait Painting Commissions. A soul Print is a intuitive painting of the inner you that captures your true inner beuaty and reflects it back to you.



Through connected, heart-opening conversation and intuitive channeling, I witness the inner you and reflect your INFINITE and UNIQUE BEAUTY back to you as a painting.

A Soul Print is the PERFECT ANTIDOTE to the harsh, distorted perspective of the Inner Critic.

It is a touchstone for strength and inspiration ~
a reminder of who you truly are.


CONNECT: I invite you to share your story and your heart with me through a guided conversation or a journaling exercise where I ask you playful, yet profound questions like “What animal do you feel most connected to?” or “Is there a place in the world that you have always felt drawn to?” We also delve deep into self-compassion with prompts like this: “Imagine yourself as a child and you are the mother or father of that child-you. You are filled with an unconditional love that delights in every aspect of the child-you. Your quirks, your strengths, and your challenges fill you with awe. From this place, what are you like?”

My audio guided meditation and my Sacred Space Guide will help prepare you for this work.

vision: After reading or listening to you and absorbing your words, I keep them close to my heart and enter into a deep, receptive meditative state. I seek out the vision of that inner you which I translate into a painting. Your Soul Print may be expressed as a picture of you but it could also be a symbolic image such as birds soaring up into the sky or a magical bonfire illuminating a night forest.

integration: I write you a letter sharing the symbolism and messages that came through in my vision. The painting will be yours hang in a place where you see it often. It will serve as a faithful reminder of your true self. When the Inner-Critic starts peeping up, you can see your spirit embodied in this Soul Print. I witness the inner you and reflect your infinite beauty back to you.



8x10 inch original watercolor painting on thick archival paper with a 1/4 border for framing. Signed with a certificate of authenticity. 

You also receive the guided meditation audio, the sacred space guide, the journaling questions and/or the one-on-one skype conversation, and a hand-written letter lovingly detailing the vision and its messages.


"My Soul Print is incredible! Even my mom keeps on gushing over it, saying, “It is just so YOU!”    

 The entire  Soul Print journey was both affirming and empowering. Doing the meditations, really digging deep while filling in the personal questionnaire and finally, receiving Nicole’s gorgeous final product in the post – it all brought into sharper focus who I truly am at my core, as well as what I hold most dear.
    My Soul Print fits so perfectly in my meditation space. It’s as if my Higher Self is keeping watch over me; ever-present in helping me overcome obstacles and celebrate my life’s abundance. I have had to make some very difficult decisions lately and meditating in front of my ‘Soul Print’ reminds me why certain boundaries are essential to my growth and well-being. And for those times that I need a little bit more of a reminder, I have the accompanying ‘Soul Print’ letter mounted on the back.  
I feel so very lucky to have had Nicole bring this special part of me to life.
    Nicole is an incredibly professional artist (from our communications through to the packaging that she used to post out my painting). As an artist myself, I absolutely appreciated everything from her clear directives, to her enthusiasm and talent.
    I would absolutely recommend to anyone considering their own personal ‘Soul Print’ from Nicole, that you take the leap and get one!” ~Alanna Jane, Canada

Gifting a soul print

"For my Mom’s 70th birthday, I don’t think I could have given her a better gift.  She was so touched by it her voice broke when I spoke with her. 

The wonder and joy in the painting has a love and a lightness that melts your heart when you gaze at it. 

The detail in the painting is astonishing for watercolor, and the bird she included feels very real, and the wings coming from my Mom’s youthful tender gaze - well, my Mom’s words were “I love my wings!  I just love my wings!”

Nicole gave vision to my Mom what most cannot see, that her soul is part bird, wings outstretched and wide eyes gazing over all the wonders in the world.  

I really wanted something special for my Mom; 70 years is a long time on this planet!  I am SO GRATEFUL to Nicole for taking the time to create such magic for her. 

It has been the most perfect gift.  I highly recommend commissioning Nicole to bring you joy with her intuition and her magic!" ~ Kali Seney, Los Angeles


Will my Soul Print look like me?
This is not a traditional portrait of you. Though I do ask for a photograph to get a feel for your being, I am not trying to create a realistic likeness of your physical features. The Soul Print is an expression or an impression of your spirit. It will “feel” like you more than anything else.  It will reflect something deeper than your appearance. There may be some overlaps between your Soul Print and the way you look but this is not the intention of this process.

Can I make special requests for my painting?
Yes! If there is a dream, image , color palette, symbols, animal, place, or anything that is tugging at your intuition or holds a special meaning for you, please let me know and I will happily incorporate that into your painting. 

I really want my Soul Print to portray me as a person. Can I request that?
Yes! If you feel that having your Soul Print take on the form of you as a human being, you should follow your intuition and let me know. Ultimately, I want to provide you with the most healing experience possible and will take your insights into account.

I really DON’T want my Soul Print to portray me as a person. Can I request that?
Yes! There is a place in the questionnaire to request this. Follow your intuition. If you feel you wouldn’t resonate with a painting of a  person, I will lovingly take this into account while I enter my visioning phase. However, if you don’t feel a strong pull in either direction, then I will just let the imagery arrive organically and intuitively.

Do you have some psychic abilities that help you make the Soul Print?
I do not believe this process requires psychic abilities. The inner world is a rich and meaningful place that is often under-explored. I have spent many years, utilizing meditation, dreaming, and ecstatic states, exploring this internal landscape. I believe that it is possible through open-hearted sharing to create a bridge between my inner world and yours. People are constantly serving as our mirrors and helping us to understand ourselves better. This is simply an extension of that infused with a strong intention of healing.

Can I give a Soul Print as a gift?
Yes. You can gift them the entire Soul Print healing journey or you can have a conversation with me sharing your impressions of the person and some photos of the person who the Soul Print is for.

How long does it take?
We will need to schedule your Soul Print. The connecting, visioning, and painting process takes about 2 weeks before shipment. If you have specific date that you need the Soul Print completed by, please contact me before ordering.