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Nicole Piar's Shop - the place to buy your Spirit Cats deck, art prints, and orginal paintings by Nicole Piar. Commission a magical cat portrait or a beautiful portrait of you or a friend.

Soul Print: Intuitive Painting of the Inner You


Soul Print: Intuitive Painting of the Inner You


Let me show you how BEAUTIFUL you truly are.

A Soul Print is an ally on your path and an antidote to the harsh, distorted perspective of the Inner Critic.

It is a touchstone for strength and a reminder of your radiant beauty and your unique spirit.

Learn more about the Soul Print Process HERE.


8x10 inch original watercolor painting on thick archival paper with a 1/4 border for framing. Signed with a certificate of authenticity. 

You also receive the guided meditation audio, the sacred space guide, the journaling questions and/or the one-on-one skype conversation, and a hand-written letter lovingly detailing the vision and its messages.


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NOTE: When you purchase original artwork from me such as this, I still retain my full copyright to the image. This means that there is a possibility, I will make prints from it or use the image in a future project.