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for This moon cycle: Nov. 7 - Dec. 5, 2018

For each astrological sun sign or zodiac sign, I asked: “What energy will catapult your intentions into reality during this moon cycle?” I pulled a card from my Spirit Cats Oracle Deck and channelled a message to help you access your power and manifest your dreams.




This moon cycle is cheering you on to be brave and take that big leap. As you dive down the rabbit hole, your inner power will be called forth and you will be able to manifest things you previously believed were impossible. It is ok if you feel a bit scared as long as you remember to trust yourself. You have got this! A magnificent adventure awaits. It is time to call on your courage and practice having faith that beautiful possibilities are waiting for you.




No more hiding. The more you contort yourself to fit into expectations, the more your powers of manifestation will be weakened and cut off. During this moon cycle, unleash the truly magical being that you naturally are and claim your birthright to create the unique reality that resonates with your most uninhibited dreams. Take the risk of setting aside your masks, so that you can meet the world with as your true self. Your unique energy can channel and create something no one else can. Honor that and feel your witchy powers shine a million times brighter.



Road Less Travelled

During this moon cycle, you will be at your most powerful when you are trying something new. Find the courage and curiosity to step outside of your well-worn habits and routines and you will be blessed with renewed energy and liberated desire. The thrill and freshness of experimenting with the road less travelled will spark your dreams, give them new life, and usher them into form. Take a moment to note any beliefs that are no longer serving you. What if you turned that belief around and set yourself free of its limitations? It is merely an idea that you keep having. There is a chance right now for a new idea to take its place and that small shift can unleash a torrent of magic.



This moon cycle, your power to manifest your most potent desires will be brightened and strengthened through relaxation. Rather than frantically taking action and anxiously yearning for what you want, take a moment to pause. Ask yourself, “Where can I soften a bit more? What is ready to let go? Can I consciously relax my body and let my mind follow?” Remember that taking breaks, getting a good night sleep, and slowing down are an essential part of alchemizing your dreams into reality.



During this moon cycle, draw a sacred circle around the time and space to do the things that light you up. Your passion is your fire, your drive, and your fuel. Notice what makes you burn brighter and follow that flame. When your actions are born out of your passion, you will be able to manifest your intentions and desires with ease and grace. You will be in the sacred flow and everything will bend in the direction of your love.




This moon cycle, your magic will be extra potent when you travel deep within and tap into the boundless source of life energy at the center of your being. You can pull threads from this infinite well and weave them into a new reality alive with your intentions. All of creation is inside of you. You have everything you need to create the world you long for. Dream your dream into being. You are a magic maker and the time is ripe to bring that into the forefront of your consciousness. Don’t hold back. The world needs the healing and transformation your magic can bring.




This moon cycle is whispering softly in your ear, “Take a moment to yourself in the quiet and in the vastness.” When you step away from the many voices distracting you, you will finally hear your own inner voice calling to you and gently guiding you. In the realm of solitude and reflection, your dreams and intentions will be clearer and more real to you. Your power will gather in this stillness. Make space for you and feel yourself emerge as the magical sorceress that you are.




This moon cycle is calling on you to embark on the inner quest. Ask yourself the big questions. Feel your feelings and then, uncover what is hiding beneath them. Search out the origins of your beliefs and see where they are currently taking you. Is that where you would like to go? Be curious and dive deep into the mystery. Seek out those seeds within that long to grow into majestic trees. Once you find them and begin to understand and honor what they truly need to flourish, they will grow effortlessly and magically.



This moon cycle let your guiding question be: What feels like freedom? Follow that feeling of expansion and limitless potential. When you feel free, when you fully claim your power of choice, you become the most powerful manifestor of your true desires. Notice the choices you are making and let go of feeling victimized. These are not things you “have to do” even if it feels that way. Given the broad scope of the situation, this is what you are choosing. Honor you free will and reaffirm your choice from an empowered place or make new choices that feel more aligned. When you know that you are free, you become a conscious creator of your world.




To activate your manifestation mojo this moon cycle and make your intentions a reality, you will need to take a moment and access whether you feel the flow of energy strongly within you or if you are feeling depleted. If your reserves are low, be generous with yourself and allow yourself to receive some healing and nourishment. Whether it comes in the form of help from a friend, a massage or a walk in nature, it is time to replenish. Once you are feeling more energized, see where you can be of service and what you have to give and share. Embracing this beautiful circle of giving and receiving will help usher your dreams into reality.




Time to release any guilt or judgments you may be harboring around doing what really feels amazing to you. Yes, we can learn lessons from challenges, but now, you are being asked to embrace the magic at the heart of bliss. What are your portals to the bliss state where everything feels timeless, magically connected, and filled with a golden effervescence? What is feeling good to you right now? Invite more of it in. During this moon cycle, your creative fire will be stoked by moments of ecstasy. Your ability to manifest your wildest dreams will be super fueled by cultivating more bliss in your day-to-day life.




Create a garden of bliss. Nourish yourself with the things that make you feel good. Drink lots of water and eat foods that feel healthy and vibrant. Make space for the activities that open your heart, bring a smile to your face, and give you a feeling of expansion. Not only do you deserve to feel good, you are being asked to actively cultivate experiences of bliss. Experiment with what gets you to that place of shining brightly, merging with the universe and shaking off the normal bounds of time. In this garden of bliss, you will grow your wildest dreams into reality. You will be surprised and delighted by the slow, yet wondrous, miracles that will flourish here.